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Who Let the Dad's Out ?

An Antenatal Class - Just for Dad’s

So your partner is pregnant! You are going to become a Dad! 


You are excited but you are also petrified at the same time!


Your partner is attending lots of classes and meeting lots of other moms-to-be and of course she is coming back home and relaying all of the information she is learning back to you. Some of it makes sense, but it also feels so overwhelming that there is so much to learn. 


As a dad-to-be you also have lots of questions, however they can be quite different worries and concerns from a mom-to-be, but where and who do you go to for answers?


Maybe you  have bought a book to read (more likely you will have been bought one from your partner lol) but reading is not for everyone and you can't ask a book a question! You may even be booked on to an antenatal course together, but you feel that you need something a bit more `"dad directed" as well.


Worry no more as I am now introducing my Dad's Only Antenatal Class which will not only be fun and friendly, but will also help to reassure you and get all of those questions answered without worrying your partner and will leave you feeling more confident and prepared for not only the `"Big Day" but also those first few weeks with a newborn baby.


Who Let the Dad's Out? Antenatal Course Topics ~Include:

  • When and why to take your partner to hospital

  • What you can do to help during pregnancy and labour

  • Things to look out for and to be aware of

  • Sex during pregnancy

  • Looking after yourself during labour and the early postnatal period

  • Your hospital bag

  • Questions to ask midwives and doctors

  • Changing your baby's nappy

  • Bathing your baby

  • Feeding your baby (breast and bottle)

  • How to wind your baby and put them safely to sleep

  • What to look out for in the first two weeks for both your partner and your baby


Classes run monthly on a Saturday morning 10am - 12pm in Solihull and Sutton Coldfield and cost just £50 for the two hour course.


Course Dates Solihull

Solihull Women's Institute

745 Warwick Road

B91 3DG


Saturday 18th March

Saturday 22nd April

Saturday 20th May

Saturday 1st July

Saturday 5th August

Saturday 2nd September

Saturday 7th October

Saturday 4th November

Saturday 2nd December


Course Dates Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church

South Parade

B72 1QY


Saturday 25th March

Saturday 27th May

Saturday 8th July

Saturday 12th August

Saturday 9th September

Saturday 14th October

Saturday 11th November

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