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Postnatal Exercise and New Mom Support Classes 

Currently Not Running 

Come and rejoin me and the friends you have made at antenatal yoga or come along and make new ones!. Bring your babies and start getting back into shape with my safe and effective postnatal exercise class.

This class is a circuit based exercise class done to music to allow you towork at your own pace and ability ,taking into account the type of birth you have had. If you are breast feeding I will adapt any difficult or uncomfortable aerobic type exercises to keep you comfortable. and focus on your weakened abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.


Regain you strength and fitness through exercise, combat feelings of isolation and maintain your mental health by exercising with other new mothers and don't forget I can offer support and advice on any worries you may have.

The class will run for one and a half hours with 45 minutes of exercise, followed

by 45 minutes of a chat and chill session where you can catch up and share your concerns or tips.

Classes will cost £50 for a Course of 5 Classes or £40 per course if you book whilst still pregnant and are suitable from 4 weeks following the birth of your baby until your baby is one year old. Weekly Pay as you Go costs £12

Babies are of course welcome at this class in their car seats to keep them safe.

Classes run in Sutton Coldfield on Mondays, Solihull on Thursdays and Harborne on Fridays. Please contact me on 07872557728 to book your place!

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