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"I attended Caron's yoga sessions from week 14 of my pregnancy right up until the week of my daughter's birth. The yoga was relaxing and the chat beforehand really informative. It was great to be able to ask any questions to Caron as a midwife because you don't feel like you can bother your own with the little things and google can be a scary place! Caron always emphasised the importance of breathing to help you to relax an keep calm during labour. She taught me to believe in my body and I know I would not have had the labour and birth that I did without my breathing and her voice in my head".xx

Laura Lloyd (First time mom)


"I started yoga with Caron when I was 18 weeks pregnant and it was the single most valuable thing I did throughout my whole pregnancy. Caron is amazing, provides weekly support, honesty and relaxing sessions that are merged with plenty of giggles. The ladies I met were all fab and the yoga became one of my favourite times of the week. Through yoga I decided to do hypnobirthing ( also with Caron) I was terrified on labour, mainly because I don’t really lol hospital environments. In honesty I wasn’t sure if hypnobirthing would make any difference but I thought I would give it a go anyway and I am so glad I did!! Caron gave me confidence in my body, talked me through my fears and gave me tools to combat them. I believe that as a result of both yoga and hynobirthing I had a wonderful birth experience. I cannot recommend Caron and the work she does highly enough!" Xx 

Samantha Carrick (First time mom)

'I  absolutely loved Caron's classes. I joined when 17 weeks pregnant and it became an essential part of my life and pregnancy. I could not miss a class! All the chats and Q&A sessions helped me be more informed and feel empowered about the birth. The breathing helped me even though I ended up having a c-section and all of Caron's teachings were fundamental in helping me keep calm even when things got a bit scary. As a result, I had a good birth experience even though things didn't go to plan - as I had learnt things won't go to plan, so just go with the flow.Caron will make you feel at ease from day one and her competence both as a midwife and yoga teacher will help you navigate this exciting but also daunting time, especially if it's your first time. :)I still miss my yoga classes and will definitely be back for baby number 2! x

Raff Trapani (First time mom)

"I attended yoga classes with Caron during both of my pregnancies. I got so much out of the class. Each one starts with a Q&A where anything goes and Caron takes the time to thoroughly explain any questions you may have and will refer you for any extra scans etc you might need. The yoga was fab, a great way to relax and forget about the daily hustle and bustle and just focus on you and your baby. The breathing that I learned during the sessions was instrumental in having great labours and deliveries with both of my babies. I cannot recommend the class highly enough and will definitely return if I have any more children!" xx 

Leanne Breakspear (Second time mom)

"Loved every bit of Caron's classes - it was like being in a room full of friends you've known for years! Being a first time mum is daunting in lots of ways, but knowing I had a place to unwind and share advice every week was precious. I still miss it 6 months on, but I have mum-friends for life andwill certainly be returning for baby #2 in the future if Caron will have me �" xxx 

Adelle Curray (First time mom)

"An amazingly helpful and positive experience, which got me through the emotional and physical rollercoaster that is pregnancy and birth. Nowhere else could I be so open and honest and get such support from a wonderful mentor and so many other inspirational women. Even if I was an absolute bundle of grumpiness and rage most of the time ���. Thanks for everything. I would absolutely do it again if I'm lucky enough to get to 'round 2'....." 

Eve Ginever (First time mom)

"Before I started Caron's classes, I was really nervous about giving birth. I'd heard that yoga could help with staying calm through labour so I thought I'd give it a go. The yoga itself is great; really relaxing and fab for getting the body flexible enough to get into good birthing positions but Caron's classes give you more than that. The time for a chat about your week at the beginning is great and Caron's knowledge as a midwife is amazing; she really put my mind at ease. I had a really straight forward birth and I know that that was at least partly because of these classes. Highly recommended and will be doing again if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant for a second time " 

Meghan Tiplady (First time mom)

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