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Yummy Yoga Mummies Pregnancy Yoga Classes


All Pregnancy Yoga Classes are now back face to face!

They run weekly in Harborne, Solihull & Sutton Coldfield.


At the start of all of my classes, time is set aside within the group, where everyone has a chance to ask about any concerns or worries that they might have about their pregnancy or their impending birth. 

As  an experienced midwife,I usually have most the answers and will give you general midwifery

advice,but if not I will refer you to the appropriate person who will be able to help you.. I also allow

time at the end of the class for anything that you may feel too personal or shy to ask in a group

situation. This is usually a very fun filled part of the class too!


Once you are attending my Pregnancy Yoga or Hypnobirthing Classes you have access to me via

phone, email or text, and  you get to see me on a weekly basis and therefore we really get to

know each other. It is this personal service and individualized care and attention that I

believe sets my classes apart from the rest as you get so much more than your regular

antenatal yoga or antenatal exercise class is more like a complete pregnancy and birth preparation course and no question is "too silly to ask".


In addition to all of this, many new and long lasting friendships are formed within the classes, with

lots of mums.......and dads meeting up afterwards with their new babies, and some groups even having started their own Facebook Page and Watsapp Groups to support each other through those first few

months of life with their new babies where they share tips and advice with each other as they become more confident in their parenting skills.

I also prepare many mothers-to be for their births with my Hypnobirthing Courses and Antenatal Classes alongside Baby First Aid Courses to equip parents / grandparents and baby sitters with the confidence and skills should your baby or toddler experience an accident or emergency situation.


For more information about my Baby First Aid Courses including dates and prices, please press here 

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