Some of My Lovely Babies Growing Up

Buddy Up with a Friend for Online Hypnobirthing

Online Pre-Birth Class

Teaching Pre- Birth Courses Online

Online Baby First Aid Course

Practical Demonstrations

Midwifing During the Pandemic

Online Pregnancy Yoga and.Antenatal Support Class

Pregnancy Yoga

Yummy Mummies and their Gorgeous Babies

Setting Up for Class

Doing Yoga at Work for the Midwives

Providing Postnatal Care at Villa Park

Sutton Coldfield Meet Up

Lovely Yummy Bunnies

Rent a Hall

When you have so many friends!

Christmas Jumper Time

Merry Xmas from Solihull Yummy Mummies & Babies

Solihull Class

Getting focused before the yoga starts

Solihull on Wednesdays

Class in full swing

Thursday Evenings

Lovely Sutton Coldfield Yummy Mummies

Sutton Coldfield Babies

Just love this picture

Outside Stechford Cascades

My first ever Aquanatal group 1994

Parentcraft in the Sunshine

Lovely Parents to Be

Child's Pose

So useful during labour in between contractions

Wednesdays in Solihull

Lovely yoga postures

Weekly Yoga Session

Warming up with the Downwards Dog

Yoga All Done

Relaxation at the end of the class

More Sutton Yummy Mummies

Lovely to see friends being made and meeting up with their little ones

Solihull Babies

Maybe friends for life?

Lovely Hayley Still Waiting

When all of your friends have their babies already!

Baby Safe First Aid

Would you know what to do if the unthinkable happened?

Baby First Aid Courses

Full range of manikins for my classes ensure you come away feeling confident

Baby Safe First Aid

Plenty of time to practise and ask questions in a safe environment

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Yummy Yoga Muumies

The Home of Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing

Solihull Yoga Class


Sutton Yoga Ladies

Lovely Sutton Yoga Ladies

Sutton Yummy Mummies

With their gorgeous babies

Solihull Yummy Babies

How gorgeous is this little lot?

Solihull Yummy Mummies

Waiting to start yoga

Solihull Yoga Class

Solihull Yummy Mummies

Harborne Yoga Mummies

Yoga Class in Full Swing

Lovely Sutton Mummies

Circuit Training for Moms and their babies

Squats with Baby

Push Ups with Baby

Let's Get Fit Again

Recovering in-between Rounds

Getting Fit and Strong Again

Postnatal Yummy Mummies

Postnatal Circuits in Action

Postnatal Class Set Up and Ready

Hypnobirth & Baby First Aid

Hypnobirth & Full Birth Preparation

New Mommmy and Baby

Hypnobirth Matters


Hypnobirth and Baby First Aid

HypnoBirth Express

Hypnobirth Express Course

Hypnobirth Express at Home


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More Sutton Yummy Mummies

Lovely to see friends being made and meeting up with their little ones